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You want to order Link to Your Blog glued on and assisted by one million people are promoted more? If Yes, then you can use an ad with time factor. It works very simple way. You register on the link that I mentioned a few moments. Then LOGIN and fill directly your data including your blog, your blog title and a brief description of your blog is. Soon after that you will have a replica SPECIFIC SITES with your unique id for you to promote. My suggestion is just put the link on this link in your blog so that others can follow.
You must be very easy to ask people to sign up, because everybody needs promotion, everyone wants their ads spread quickly. Ok, suppose you have begun to promote the replica of your website earlier. We assume that two people already Join your friends via your link!. 2 This person is called a Level 1 you. After that promotion you automatically will begin immediately to work alone as the autopilot. Why? Since the link had been glued to your blog on your member website two people earlier. Now you start the campaign assisted by two people!. 2 The member you'd also be working the same way, they invite each of their two friends, meaning there's an additional four people?. 4 This person is called a Level 2 you. Total number of members you now become six. Then this goes on, four new people on your second level was also invited two of their friends, plus 8 (Level 3). Now you have been helped by 14 people. Link To Your Blog brought by 14 people, when all you link to where I once was not it? This continues! Developments such as the development of this table: 

Jumlah Total
1 2 2
2 4 6
3 8 14
4 16 30
5 32 62
6 64 126
7 128 254
8 256 510
9 512 1022
10 1024 2046
11 2048 4094
12 4096 8190
13 8192 16382
14 16384 32766
15 32768 65534
16 65384 131070
17 131072 262142
18 262144 524286
19 524288 1048574
20 1048576 2097150
Apparently if you register after this, enter your blog information, later I took two people just so your ad can be brought not by a million people over two million people but more! Your campaign is simple to make your ads as much as it sticks in people. Free too!. You will not waste this opportunity. Please join here right now: One Million links for you!Hopefully you added the best-selling business!


  1. pertamax lagi soba, eh bener gak sih sudah terbukti memberi bakclink ???

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