8 SEO Technique Every Webmaster Should Know

Every Webmaster should have a basic understanding about simple SEO Technique if they want to be top ranking on search engine , the more you know about SEO technique, the better your webpages will show up on search engine, especially on Google.
Optimizing your pages for search engine should be your main priority because congqueror in domining your choosen keyword is often side as the one of the major turmining factor to succes your online business.
You must have a rule material graph how SEO can improve your site. This simple SEO technique will help you to understand basic SEO and help you to reach your main goal.
  1. Title Tag : The title tag is located at the top of your html pages. It tell the search engine what your pages about.When you open your page in a browser there are a words at very top of the screen. The title tag is Crusial ton on page optimization, it should include your main keyword, and should be less than 63 character. If you want your title tag to appear in Search engine result page. Many SEO expert create webpage that have title tag. they place the title in, the title tag on the page itself and in url for that page. Some times they would just pick the main keyword from the title and place on the anchor URL on stage. for example: www.yourwebsite.com/keyword.html
  2. Meta Description Tag: the meta description tag contains the description of your website. your description will show up on search engine result page. So you have to be carefully to make it. It should be 140 character or 20 words. make sure you include your main keyword, but dont spam, don't repeat your keyword more than twice, using the variation is helpfull. Keep in mind that successfully webmaster is meta description that stand up form the crawled and make the surfer to click their link. It is also the first contact for your potential visitors or prospect it make goog first impressive.
  3. Anchor Tag : The anchor tag or URL is use to form link, these tag should have your title or main keyword from your page title. Anchor tag is also important to know, it's be underlined  clickable text or word in link. If you want to check google for all webpages that contains your keyword in anchor tag, just type in the google search : allinanchor : your_keywords
  4. Finding Backlinks : One of the key of high ranking  is building quality links for relevan website or related site. The search engine especially google count each link is a vote for your site to content. Many expert Suggest you include your main keyword in the anchor tag. If you want to find the number of backlink of your site has. Just type in the google search. link : your_url
  5. Checking Indexed Pages : It's very important for you to know what content that search engine have indexed for your site. you can also check and see how your links display and see if any title or description are missing for your pages. You can see how many your pages are indexed in google by site command. Just type in the google search : site : your_url. It will give you the number of indexed pages by google. Another way is type in : "www.yoursite.com" (with quotation mark). or "http://yoursite.com" (with quotation mark)
  6. Checking Google Cache : You can also checking the google cache by cache command. Just type in the google search : cache : your_url
  7. Finding Associated Keywords : Keyword are hard in the internet. You must dominate your choosen keyword in teh search engine if you want succed in online. so make sure you have your main keyword in teh meta keyword on your page. Many expert suggested you place your page main keyword in first and the last 25 words on a page. You use variation in placing your main keyword. to find what other keyword that google has associated with your main keyword just use the ~ command. for example type in the search engine : ~ keyword.
  8. Finding Title Keywords : If you want to find competing site has your keyword in title, just use allintitle command. Type in google search  allintitle:yourkeywords. For example allintitle:internet_marketing. It will provide the list of competing site that using internet marketing on their title. 
These techniques can improve your search engine ranking if you aplied consistenly. Use site stats and traffic logs to confirm the rise in your keywords ranking. Optimize you site for google to gain maximum effect. Knowledge equals to success.


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