The Key to Successful Website Optimization

If you want to successful website optimization, you must know the basis understanding How Search Engine works.The idea is World Wide Web (www). If we can taking an analogy, the world wide web is like an giant spider web. and what effectively search engine do is like they have a spider that crawling on that behavior on this web to try discover what out there on his web. So they have a little spiders that following around links in, when he get particularly website, the spider will crawl the website to make an analysis and to "What that pages is about?".
So what you must to do is make sure that wise set up your website in away and a structure in away that they spiders can find that website and when do eventually crawling that website, make sure that they have very clearly understanding what the website is about, and what they keyword return to target.
So if you have a website let me ask you this:"How search engine frankly is your website?", is it structure is away? that is easy for spider to come toward and quickly determined what that page is about?
Google even published at they outlet guideline what is the title look for when they analyze an a page. Most people never take, this step to follow what Google said.
If we want perform well in Google search engine, obviously we should be following what they say, we should keep what they are asking for, and there is really a basic thing that you can do to make sure that your site structure is correctly for search engine to spidered.
Here is the thing that you should watch out for: firstly each in individual page should have his own unique title, it should have a description put in to the meta description, it should have a keyword put in to the meta keyword section and the keyword that you select.
Now its important when you optimize a page to only optimize for one keyword. with one or two variation on that keyword. you don't want a have page try to optimize for many many keyword, because when search engine come to spidered that page its confused as to what this page exactly about.
So you want to target one keyword, you want to make sure that you put that keyword in the title tag, the meta description, the meta keyword and sprayed that keyword in page well.
A lot of people talking about what should density should put keyword o0n a page. How many keyword should put in on a page, because you don't want old go optimize the page, but you also don't want under optimize the page when you don't have anything.
Unfortunately Google doesn't tell us exactly what you need to do, that there are seem stand it rule to stop. Some of that term of used may not familiar for you, but its important if you want to do well in search engine that you optimize your website. You must do ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION.


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