3 Secret guraded-SEO for Your Site

If you follow the three top well-guarded SEO marketing secrets I am about to tell you, your site will do very well in the search engine rankings and bring you consistent traffic daily.
1. An effective SEO marketing campaign should always target the visitors and not the search engines.
Currently, there is an obsession to please the search engines rather than the targeted visitor. We, as webmasters, will design our SEO campaign around getting top ranking and forget about our audience. Oftentimes, these types of marketing strategies will work in the short term but will fail as quickly as they succeeded because they were not designed with our target audience in mind.
These people are looking for content-rich and well-written sites. So, naturally catering to our target audience will also please the SE's too. This may not happen overnight; however, keeping our target audience in mind will benefit your SE rankings in the long run.
When search engines make changes to their algorithms, which seems to happen constantly, if your SEO campaign is designed around this week's algorithm, then you will quickly fall from the rankings because your site will no longer be relevant. However, if you provide your audience with the content-rich, helpful information that they are seeking, you will maintain a steady ranking and traffic.
As strong SEO marketing strategy, you can never go wrong by providing your target audience with what they want to read, because no matter how many times the search engines changes the SEO game, your site is geared toward the audience and not the search engines.
2. Focusing on less competitive keywords can strengthen your SEO marketing campaign.
The foundation to any good SEO marketing campaign is finding the best keywords to attract your target audience. As we do our keyword research we oftentimes forget about the less competitive keywords. Building some of your SEO strategies around these words can help drive consistent and laser-targeted traffic to your site.
3. Link development is paramount in building a strong SEO campaign
You can make a site go from nowhere to a top ranking position with good link development alone because search engines constantly analyze your links to determine its importance. The power of building solid links is like nothing else in the SEO marketing game. You should keep in mind that all links are not created equal. One-way links are far better in the eyes of the search engine than reciprocal links.
If you keep the three SEO marketing strategies listed above in mind, you will be on your way to building consistent rankings in the search engines and be a winner in the eyes of your audience.
Don't let SEO and SEM intimidate you.


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