19 Ways to Drive Free traffic to Your sites

Traffic is the most important concern for all the webmaster and blogger. Without traffic a good, beautiful and informative site will be useless. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your website. Unfortunately you have to spent lots of money for some of them. Although the traffic you receive through the paid methods has a good quality but there are many free methods that can drive a higher quality traffic to your website.
  • There are Online Methods and Offline methods
    1. Search Engine optimization: This is the most important method that can drive thousand of free traffic to your website every month. If you can achieve to have a high ranking websites in popular search engines likes Google, Yahoo!, and MSN you can even forget about all the other methods because the free traffic they drive to your website will be enough.
    2. Write a free donwloadable e -book: You can have a free downloadable e-book about your website subject, activities, products and services and invite your website visitors to download, read and pas it the others. This is a kind of viral marketing which is very effective and can generate a steady stream of traffic to your website a while. 
    3. Add Signature to your emails: Make a simple signature for your email and have your website URL and also the URL for downloading your e-book in it.
    4. Use Autoresponder : Most visitors who come to your website leave it before doing anything and never be back. Having an autoresponder is a good way to attract them to your website once again in future. 
    5. Exchange Link: Exchange link with other website is a good way to receive free traffic, but please not that if you do it excessively, search engines may penalize or even ban your websites. you can exchange link with about 10 to 20 websites that are merely related to your website theme and subject on the home page.
    6. Exchange banners
    7. write articles and submit them to article directories
    8. submit your website to web directories
    9. Create a group at Yahoo, Google and MSN
    10. Participate in Yahoo answer
    11. Submit your website pages and articles to social bookmarking sites
    12. Become an active member in social bookmarking sites
    13. join Traffic generating site (www.trafficswarm.com)
    14. Post comment on other Weblogs on a regular basis
    15. Publish fliers : publish fliers in your area. you don't have to pay for it. You can do it with your own printer and with a very small budget. You can do it every weekend and distribute about 300 to 500 fliers in your area. This will generate a few thousand of traffic per month. Although this amount of traffic doesn't reasonable, it has a high quality because only those who are really intersted in your service/product will visit your website and you will receive reasonable number of orders.
    16. Wrap up your car: some people sell advertising space on their car to make some money. but you can advertise your own website on your car and it really works and drives traffic to your website. You can find car wrapping service in your city and pay them to wrap up your car, it will be a free resource of traffic.
    17. write your website URL on your garage doors.
    18. Write articles for newspaper and magazine for free.
    19. Give 2 hours lecture in the city communities, schools, colleges and universities: I have seen a lot of people who do it to drive traffic to their website of find new costumers and clients. You need a laptop and a video projector and some skills to make powerpoint slides which is very easy. You have to do this on a regular basis and you will enjoy the traffic and costumers, it will generate for you.
Source: www.weboma.com

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